How it all began..

     Aloha everybody! My name is Jordan Jenkins and thank you for your interest in my clothing brand!

     I started learning how to make shirts from youtube actually. After graduating from Kamehameha Schools-Maui in 2007 I moved to San Diego to attend San Diego Mesa College, to study Multimedia and Design. After watching tutorial after tutorial on how to screen print and make your own t-shirts I bought my first kit from Dick Blick's Art and started taking over the kitchen of my college apartment. Still can't thank my roommates enough for all the sh*t I put them through while I began the long trial and error process that is known as learning how to screen print. 

    I started with a few different thoughts for companies and designs before I settled on one, everything from "Clear Conscience" to "Makahiki Clothing", but after many long nights of designing and drafting and doodling in class, I really started to more think about how Hawaii makes you feel inside and out and how badly I wanna try and portray that through my designs. One thing people from Hawai'i are most proud of is the fact that we are from Hawai'i, from a set of rocks in the middle of the sea. Everything from the Art, to the Culture, from the Music, to the Lifestyle, Hawai'i is one of the most beautiful, most unique, most isolated places on this earth. Yes we are considered to be the 50th State, but the name of this brand is not representing that fact. I am simply trying to portray how amazingly different Hawai'i is, and that Hawai'i (the 50th State) will naturally put you in a "State of Mind" like no other place in this world. Thus 50th State of Mind was born.

     In Nov. 2011 I decided to move back home to Maui and did a Kickstarter project to raise $6,000 which was just enough to get most of the necessary equipment to start producing more and more shirts. I still use that same equipment to this day (6 Color 2 Station Printing Press).

   After setting up shop in a buddy's Garage for about a year. I decided in Dec 2012 to do another Kickstarter project. This time the response was a lot better than I could have imagined raising close to $15,000. Which afforded me a conveyor dryer to dry and produce more shirts at a quicker speed. EVERY SINGLE shirt is printed by hand with the same 2 hands typing this bio. 

     In April of 2015 my wife and I welcomed our son Jeremiah into the world, and in June of 2018 we welcomed our princess Avri. Making this a true family brand from the bottom up.

     Our goal as a family is to put good mana(power) and positive vibes into each and every shirt produced, and we couldn't be more grateful for the support that we have received so far from so many loyal friends and supporters.

  Started from humble beginnings with hopes to continue to grow on this amazing journey that has been able to be set forth by all the amazing support from you guys. Thank you all for the support in the past and the continued support in the future.

- Jordan Jenkins   @50thstateofmind